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  • Rotary Vibrating Screen

    Rotary Vibrating Screen

    Product Description for XZS Rotary Vibrating Screen Layers Show Working Principle Features Details specification Structure Parameter Sheet Applications How to confirm the model Cases Customer Feedbacks

  • Rectangular Gyratory Vibrating Screen

    Rectangular Gyratory Vibrating Screen

    Product Description for DZSF Linear Vibrating Screen Details Display Application FXS Square Gyratory Screener can be used in chemical industry, new materials, metallurgy, metal powder, mineral powder, food, salt, sugar, abrasive, feed and other industries. Especially suitable for quartz sand, fracturing sand, glass sand, white sugar, plate sand, ceramsite sand, recarburizer, pearl sand, microbeads and other materials. Parameter Sheet How to confirming the model ...

  • Linear Vibrating Screen

    Linear Vibrating Screen

    Product Description for DZSF Linear Vibrating Screen Details Show Features Application Parameter Sheet How to confirming the model

  • Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen

    Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen

    Product Description for CSB Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen Details specification Applications Parameter Sheet How to confirm the model Packaged and Shipping

  • GZG Series Vibrating Feeder

    GZG Series Vibrating Feeder

    Main Parts Applications Technical Parameter of ZKS Vacuum Conveyor

  • Vertical Vibrating Elevator Conveyor

    Vertical Vibrating Elevator Conveyor

    Structure Features of Vertical Vibrating Elevator Applications Parameter Sheet How to confirming the model

  • Shaftless Screw Conveyor

    Shaftless Screw Conveyor

    Applications WLS Shaftless screw conveyor can be widely used in chemical, building materials, metallurgy, grain and other sectors due to their design without a central shaft. Under the condition of inclination angle < 20 °, the conveying viscosity is not large, such as: sludge, cement, domestic waste, waste paper pulp, etc. Features Classification of WLS shaftless screw conveyors Parameter Sheet How to confirming the model

  • U Type Screw Conveyor

    U Type Screw Conveyor

    Applications Working Principle Classification of LS U type screw conveyor LS U type Screw Conveyor is suitable for Parameter Sheet How to confirming the model

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Xinxiang Hongda Vibration Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 1986, The company specializes in vibrator motor,sieving and conveying equipment. We are a production enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service. The company covers an area of more than 3,000 square meters and more than 100 employees. In 2006, the company passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, In 2008, The company passed CCC certification. In 2018, The company passed the CE certification.

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  • Vibrating Screen Seals Classification and Function

    Seals are mainly used in rotary vibrating screens, linear vibrating screens, circular shakers and square shakers. They are one of the indispensable accessories in the vibrating screen industry. They are mainly used on vibrating screen frames and dust covers. The connection between the sealed vibr...

  • What Should We Do If There is Material Mixing In The Rotary Vibrating Sieve?

    Everyone knows that the rotary vibrating screen is a fine screening equipment. Due to its high precision, low noise and high output, it is widely used in food, metallurgy, mining, pollution treatment and other industries. However, some users have recently reported that there will be mixing phenom...

  • YZU-8-6 Vibration Motor Delivery Out

    Dear Myanmar customer: 18 sets of YZU-8-6 vibration motors you ordered have been delivered, please note to check. Remarks: YZU-8-6 vibration motor Power: 0.55KW Voltage: 380V Excitation force: 8KN Mounting hole size: 220 * 140 Pole: 6 poles YZU vibration motor is a new type of vibratio...

  • How to adjust the eccentric block on the rotary screen motor?

    The rotary vibrating screen is widely used in the screening of finely crushed powder or granular materials due to its high precision, non clogging mesh, good airtightness and other advantages. In the use of rotary vibrating screen, the role of eccentric block cannot be ignored. It is precisely be...

  • The Difference Between Square Swing Screen And Round Swing Screen

    The square swing screen is a new type of multi-function rapid screening building, suitable for quartz sand, cement, fertilizer, and other industries. The circular swing screen is a nonlinear inertial vibrating screen, the basic reverse motion is similar to that of manual screening 1. The working ...